Fort Worth This Weekend

This weekend we are over in Fort Worth.

The last couple of years have been hard for everyone economically and emotionally. Many of us are deep in debt. Others of us are mourning friends and relatives who died of Covid.

We are down to a handful of shows as we have lost Lewisville, Market Hall and Big Town. Our wholesalers send us e-mails telling us they don’t know when some items will be back in stock. By the way, when we do get it it is going to cost $5-10 more than what you have been paying for that item. Oh and shipping will be slower and cost more.

But damn it. We are Americans. My parents grew up in the Great Depression, a grandfather got gassed in WW I, my other grandfather died of miner’s lung. My father served in the Pacific. Uncles in Korea. I was working on a farm at 12, driving tractors. The boys I went to school with graduated and then served in Vietnam. We are Americans, when we get knocked down or go through hard times we get back up and come back, better than ever.

We do what we have to do.

God Bless America

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