Happy Fourth of July— No Show This Weekend

I know Covid 19 limits the number of things we can do safely to celebrate this most American of American Holidays.

But it is, nonetheless the birthday of our Declaration of Independence.  It marks not the start of the War, which happened in the Spring of 1775 nor the end of the Revolutionary War in the late summer of 1783. (April 19, 1775 – September 3, 1783)

Rather it marks the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson. Lately it has become fashionable to tear down people I look upon as heroes.  They aren’t perfect by today’s standards, many owned slaves, but like Jefferson they had an extremely idealistic vision that far exceeded the reality of their lives and the times they lived in.

We live in troubled times.  Covid 19, too much hatred among all of us Americans, the financial insecurity brought on by the Pandemic.

Time to reflect on the wisdom of the Declaration.  Time to stand both strong and wisely, treat each other with the respect we, ourselves wish to be treated with.

We were pleased by the level of mask compliance at the Premier Show in Fort Worth.  There isn’t a show this week. We have an order of a bunch more knives coming in Monday.  I turn 73 next week and God willing we will be back in Fort Worth the Weekend of July 11-12.

Take care of yourselves, especially this weekend. Stay safe and be kind to each other.

Happy Fourth of July

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