Another Weekend Without a Show But Next Week We’re Back

Another weekend of pigging out on Netflix. Doing stuff around the house, playing computer games, reading, listening to music.

Laughing my ass off at all the preppers who were prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse but can’t handle sitting around socially isolating.

Seriously folks, wearing the mask is the same level of self defense as carrying a concealed weapon and social distancing is part of situational awareness.

Next weekend we are going to be at:

NYTEX Sports Centre, 8851 Ice House Drive – North Richland Hills, TX 76180

Our big concern is droplet spray from people talking to us.  We see the spots on our goods so it is a reality.  We are old and vulnerable.  We will be wearing masks and hopefully face shields.  We can make this work and still protect ourselves.

We want the shows to stay open and we neither want to get sick or see any of you guys get sick.  So think of acting in a way that reflects an awareness of the risks and act appropriately

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