Another Weekend

Hey we miss all of you.  Vendors, customers, promoters alike.

We talked to the folks at Premier and the Big Town Show is canceled but we made a deposit for the Market Hall Show.  I mentioned we would probably still be wearing masks and gloves because I’m 72 and Tina is 81.  Yes she had a birthday in April.

I’m watching people do really dumb shit.  Protesting while carrying guns.  Refusing to wear masks.

You are our people.  Some of you prep.  Most of you believe in self defense and how the Second Amendment is about being able to keep and bear arms for purposes of self defense.

Wearing a mask in public, social distancing etc are acts of situational awareness and self-defense.  We don’t want to lose any of you.

Take care of yourselves and families.  We hope to se each and every one of you.


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