We Left The Dallas Arms Collectors Show at Market Hall Early

Sunday was the end of the Dallas Arms Collectors Show at Market Hall.

We left early.  We lost money on the show.  We didn’t sell enough to cover the cost of our tables.  Our total gross sales were so low it cost us to be there.  Never mind making a profit which is what capitalism is about.

Over the years the DAC treatment of vendors, deaths of major vendors and vendors getting too old to do all the shows have added up to death by attrition.

Hopefully Tim and Michelle of Premier Gun Shows will be able to make a go of it when they start producing shows at Dallas Market Hall beginning  on May 23-24.

In the mean time I am looking for work and at developing more eBay sales as well as doing fewer shows.

Tina and I are getting too old to do these shows every week.  We simply do not have the resources to lose money doing all these shows.  Having potential customers expect us to subsidize their knife and gun ownership by our losing money is not a viable approach to capitalism and the American way of life.

In all likelihood we will not be following DAC when they move to Southfork.

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