What Good Would Your AR/AK Do Against An Army of Tyrants Bent On Wiping You Out?

I can’t tell you how many times I have had smug anti-gun people use that one on me.

I often point to the American Revolution when the British were the most powerful military in the world.  Or how the Vietnamese managed fight the Americans and hold out for all those years.  Or the Afghans vs Russians.

But I also point out one other event.  One that started on April 19, 1943, which like today was the start of Passover.  On this day in history a few hundred poorly armed Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, the last of those who had been gathered in the Ghetto after the rest had been transported by the Nazis to Death Camps and murdered, rose up against the Nazis who had been sent into the Ghetto.  They had but a few hundred guns and a few thousand rounds of ammunition, improvised explosive devices.

They managed to hold out until May 16.  Longer than many nations held out against the Nazi Army.

Remember this when anti-gun people ask, “What Good Would Your AR/AK Do Against An Army of Tyrants Bent On Wiping You Out?”

You as an individual might not survive but sometimes it is better to die fighting than just surrender to evil.

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