No Show This Weekend.

Crazy as it might sound if there were actually a Premier Show at Big Town or Rodeo we would probably do it.  But years ago we learned our lesson and now check calendars before signing up for shows in April, especially when those shows are out of town and would require us to spend the night over.

We actually did out of town shows on both Easter Weekend and Mother’s Day Weekend the first year we were doing shows.  Got to spend some serious face to face time with other vendors who were either as dumb or as dedicated as we were.

This year both Easter and Passover share the weekend. Tomorrow we are going to a car show in Rowlett.  We are planning on doing the sorts of things people who work Monday-Friday generally get to do on weekends.

So have a Happy and Joyous Easter.

Happy Passover/Chag Pesach samech

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