Benchmade Helps PD Destroy Guns – Official Statement

Looks like Benchmade screwed up with this one.  Gun and knife people have a long and complicated relationship with those that make laws and those who enforce laws which tend to restrict and limit our Second Amendment rights.

Benchmade is located in Oregon, a state which is not Second Amendment friendly.

Sigh…  I won’t be trashing my 940-2 but then again I will probably opt to not put any new Benchmades on our tables.

From The Firearms Blog:

Social media exploded in a flurry of virtual pitchforks and torches last night after the Oregon City Police Department posted three images and a simple statement on Facebook: “Thank you Benchmade Knife Company for assisting us today by cutting up guns that are ready to be destroyed.” Those words, along with the imagery of a pump action shotgun and an SKS being sliced to pieces, enraged both gun and knife owners nationwide. Many supporters of the Oregon-based knife company felt betrayed; after all, guns and knives go together like apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

Admittedly, I was outraged myself: how could an iconic knife maker like Benchmade participate in the symbolic act of destroying weapons, using the same tools they probably use to make the knives that many gun owners around the world carry with them every day.

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