Weekend Off

Our favorite show Promoters, Premier is having shows in Waco and Houston this weekend.  Allen Bowles is having a show up in Bonham.

We are taking a well deserved weekend off.

It doesn’t pay for us to travel to shows where we have to stay over.  Especially two nights.

We just aren’t big enough or energetic enough to do it.  The Bonham Show is just a little too far for us to comfortably drive up and back twice at this time of year.

I don’t know about you folks but I’m looking forward to the reports from Shot Show 2019 starting on Monday.

I will be drooling and craving some of the knives and guns being shown and excited to share articles and videos from the show all next week.

Have a good and safe weekend.  See you all next weekend at Big Town.

Tina and Suzy

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