Gun Prohibitionist Agenda Confirms ‘Slippery Slope’

From Liberty Park Press:

December 7, 2018

For years, Second Amendment activists have been ridiculed and disdained for insisting that the gun prohibition agenda is aimed at eroding the fundamental right to keep and bear arms, but on Capitol Hill and out in “the other Washington,” there is ample evidence that the “slippery slope” argument has merit.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that when the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives convenes next month, “We will pass common sense gun violence prevention legislation soon, and…it will be bipartisan,” which remains to be seen.

In the Evergreen State, the Seattle-based Alliance for Gun Responsibility—which has successfully pushed three citizen initiatives that incrementally increased restrictions on gun owners—announced its legislative agenda for 2019.

  • Community and victim safety legislation which will provide law enforcement with the ability to remove firearms from the scene of a domestic violence arrest
  • Expanding factors which a judge may consider when issuing an Extreme Risk Protection Order to include hate-based threats
  • Restoring local authority to keep communities safe by limiting firearms in crowded public events or places like parks and libraries where our kids play and learn, and allowing them to limit the open carry of firearms
  • Restricting access to high-capacity magazines

Like it or not, in the eyes of beleaguered Evergreen State rights activists these proposals constitute a stepped-up effort to peel away legal and constitutional protections they have zealously defended for decades. And experience has shown that if the gun prohibitionists don’t get their way in Olympia, they’ll get a handful of billionaires to bankroll another initiative. They have simply been emboldened to push for more, and that “slippery slope” is being greased by wealthy elitists.

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