Slide Spider Lets You Get a Grip

From America’s First Freedom:

by L.A. Luebbert
Friday, October 19, 2018

We’ve all heard the advice that if someone can’t rack a slide, they shouldn’t be buying a semi-automatic handgun. But sometimes situations arise that make it difficult for someone who could typically rack the slide easily that to do it safely. Maybe a law-abiding gun owner has developed arthritis, or maybe a law enforcement officer’s gun is slick with blood.

Enter the Slide Spider, a proprietary silicone-based adhesive strip that provides enough added friction that it requires less effort to rack the slide on your semi-automatic. Slide Spider is the brainchild of ArachniGrip. The name of the company and product are rooted, no doubt, in the appearance of the laser-cut product. It’s designed to run between the serrations on the manufacturer’s slide, so it looks like a spider.

The concept isn’t new. People have been using things like skateboard tape on their own, but it can tear with use. This adhering device was put through the wringer in an effort to find a blend that is closer to marine tape, ensuring that the product will hold up longer while still maintaining its integrity of purpose. ArachniGrip co-founder Bob Biedenbach said the Slide Spider has survived being stuck to a coffee cup and put through the dishwasher for more than two years, so the product has longevity.

The idea for the Slide Spider was born at a gun range. Biedenbach, a lifelong shooter, had taken a break from the pastime to spend more time with his family. After a few years of only intermittent time with his hobby, he devoted more time to shooting. And when he re-entered the sport, he ventured out and bought his first semi-automatic.

One thing he noticed was that he didn’t have as much control over the Glock as he did with a six-shooter. He also found out that trying to cycle the gun sometimes put him in situations where he wasn’t as safe with it as he should be—the muzzle sometimes pointing up or down or to the side when he’d try to rack the slide.

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