Huffington Post: Night Vision Technology is Too Dangerous to be Owned by Civilians

From The Truth About Guns:

Nov 06, 2018

The Huffington Post is huffing and puffing about civilian ownership of high-end quality optics. Writer Sascha Brodsky has apparently discovered that some deplorables out there enjoy hog hunting and wrote a breathless piece using a particularly flimsy straw man to support his argument that this kind of gear is simply too dangerous to be publicly available.

In his article, he recounted how a Chinese national attempted to purchase and export three pairs of night vision optics that may have been ultimately bound for North Korea. He was arrested in a DHS sting operation for violating the Arms Export Control Act and International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

In his hit piece, Brodsky writes:

If Kim had an export license, very little would have prevented him from sending the equipment to North Korea, which is a major concern for experts who warn that military-grade night vision gear could fall into the hands of terrorists or rogue states.

While the Las Vegas massacre rekindled the debate over the millions of assault-style rifles owned by American civilians, there’s been much less public scrutiny of all the gear designed for military operations that is now marketed directly to civilians.

Brodsky aims to increase that level of scrutiny.

Night vision equipment is a useful tool for civilians, advocates say. “When employed properly, night-vision equipment will open your eyes to the times usually dominated by four-legged critters and two-legged ne’er-do-wells, giving you the advantage,” claimed a May article in Shooting Illustrated, a publication of the National Rifle Association, on how to use the gear for “hunting and defense.”

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