Sometimes It Takes a Good Person with a Gun

Stereotypes of the gun owning community let politicians turn gun ownership for self defense into a political issue that can be put up for vote rather than an inalienable right.

I think it is important to realize gun owners can be Democrats as easily as they can be Republicans. Gun owners can be people of color, women, LGBT, Christian (of many different denominations), Jewish, Muslim or Atheist. There is no one stereotype.

Man who fired at Kroger shooter: ‘I was doing it to protect me and my wife’

Gregory Bush is currently being held for the cold blooded murder of two other African American people, whom he had just shot prior to being engaged by Mr. Rozier.

From Wave 3 News:

By Taylor Durden
October 31, 2018

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Dominiic and Kiera Rozier were heading into Kroger last Wednesday to pick up cupcakes for their son’s birthday. As they were walking inside, people were trying to get out.

“Someone was like, ‘Don’t go in there, they’re shooting,’” Kiera said.

That’s when she said she heard gunshots. Moments later she saw the suspect, Gregory Bush, walk outside.

She wasn’t sure exactly what was happening. She saw a woman walking outside on the phone.

“She was really close to me on the phone and I heard her say she’s trying to get home,” Kiera recalled. “She said, ‘These people are shooting. They’re crazy. I just want to get home, Lord, let me get home.’ [Bush] looked at her, and he kind of grinned and he just shot her. And that’s when I just froze.”

Kiera said she moved closer to her husband, Dominiic, who had his gun drawn and asked the suspect if he was okay.

“Before he pulled the gun my husband said, ‘Don’t do this. Don’t do this,'” Kiera remembered. “Before he could even say it, the guy had the gun pointed at me and another lady not too far from me.”

Dominiic and Bush then started firing at each other in the parking lot.

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