Forged in Fire

We happened to catch “Forged in Fire” last night after the All Star Game.

Never mind that many of the finest modern knives are stock reduction, milled from precision mixed, melted and heat tempered steel.

There are still a lot of knife makers out there doing it the old fashioned way.

Which is better: Art or Science?  Not really an either or question as there is room for both in the world of knives.

While I tend to favor the manufactured from modern steels for the knives I carry and use there is some really beautiful one of a kind forged art knives out there.

People make fun of Lynn Thompson of Cold Steel for his torture test demonstrations of various Cold Steel knives.  But as hard as they maybe to close his triad locks don’t fold up on your hand and his knives both have strength and the ability to keep an edge.

He also makes modern versions of Japanese swords, Chinese weapons and European swords that are good honest replicas that are also probably stronger than the originals.

The challenges presented the knife makers on “Forged in Fire” approach the absurd.  Last nights show with them beating the edges against bicycle frames was a shark jumping moment.

The home forge assignments are ridiculous, bizarre primitive swords or video game weapons.  A more appropriate assignment might be.  Build us a locking folder.

I really have a hard time understanding why a serious knife maker would go on this inane show.

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