Premier Gun Show at Big Town in Mesquite This Weekend

This Weekend we will be doing the Premier Gun Show at Big Town, just off the I30 in Mesquite.

The last few days have have brought a lot of uncertainty along with the anger and sorrow felt regarding the school shooting in Florida.  Thoughts and prayers sounds like a cliche and it is, those are words used to express both horror and empathy.

Many years ago I was attacked.  It seemed like the first reaction of men I was friends with was to apologize even though they weren’t the attacker and weren’t there to try and stop the attacker. Again words to express empathy and anger.

The anger I feel towards that sheriff, who was there as an armed guard is immeasurable. I realize police procedure is to wait for back up.  Just like at the Orlando night club or the Las Vegas hotel. But kids were being murdered and we think of first responders as rushing towards the danger to protect those being harmed.

Maybe it is only those who have taken the role of sheep dogs who jump into action, like the men who chased and shot the church attacker here in Texas a few months back.

The weird thing is so many people have given up agency.  They reject the idea of a natural right to defend your own life against an attacker who would murder or maim you.  Even when there was a Supreme Court ruling that said it is not the duty of the police to protect us.

Add to that all that, the money grubbing politicians more concerned with lining their pockets than protecting our rights.  They are all talking gun control.  Left/right/Liberal/Conservative following the trends on electronic media like teenage girls trying to decide on prom dresses.

The Second Amendment is a right, enumerated in the Constitution.

We have no plans to retire from doing gun shows and will not back down from our belief in the natural right to have access to the tools we need to defend our lives and freedoms.

Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm

Admission is $9, kids 11 and under are FREE, and Parking is FREE. Say “HOLSTER” at the door for a $1 off! We’ll see you there!

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