Bloomberg’s New Plan To Waste Other People’s Money On Gun Control

From America’s 1st Freedom:

by Mark Chesnut, Editor
Monday, October 9, 2017

Is it possible that billionaire gun-banner Michael Bloomberg has finally figured out that his plan of spending millions of his own dollars to promote further restrictions on law-abiding gun owners has been a failure at nearly every turn?

We ask this question for one reason: Now Bloomberg is asking gun-ban advocates to put their money where his mouth is.

Last Wednesday, the gun-hating former NYC mayor announced on Twitter that he would be matching donations given to his so-called “Everytown for Gun Safety” group.

“US has a gun violence problem,” America’s nanny tweeted. “I’ll match every donation. Give now.”

First, before exploring Bloomberg’s “generous” offer, let’s take a look at Everytown.

For starters, the intentionally misleadingly named group has nothing to do with gun safety, and everything to do with gun control. Trying to find an Everytown-sponsored “gun safety” course is like trying to find a needle in a dozen haystacks.

Instead, the group is all about pushing for more restrictive gun laws that would only infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens. After all, criminals don’t obey laws—that’s why they’re called criminals!

In fact, Everytown’s main focus, judging by a quick look at the group’s website, seems to be funding itself. On the “Act” section of the website, where one might expect to find the secret to “gun safety” from a group with such a name, the Number 1 action site visitors are encouraged to take is to donate to Everytown. And two of the remaining six “action items” include donating in someone else’s name and buying Everytown merchandise.

Which brings us back to Bloomberg. Here’s the kicker: Bloomberg invented Everytown and is the group’s primary funder. If he really thought the organization had the potential to make a difference in the gun control debate, he’d be pouring millions upon millions of dollars into it every day. After all, he’s a billionaire! Is spending $100 million or so on his own gun-ban group really going to decimate his portfolio?

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