Las Vegas Shooting

Yesterday I awoke to the news of the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Yes it sucks big time and there are no easy answers. I had a “gun owning” anti-gun friend ask me “How could some one do something like that?”

My inner snark took over.  “Secure elevated shooting position, wide field of fire and target rich environment.”

WTF did they want me to say? Did they want me to suddenly renounce gun ownership and the right to self defense?  Did they want Tina and me to give up our small survival business we have spent the last 5 years building?

The gun banners love these events, wait for them, look forward to them, for the opportunity they present to further their agenda of banning all private firearms ownership.

For all their demonizing of the NRA and the unlimited funds they imagine the NRA to have to push the “pro-gun” agenda they rarely mention the many millions their favorite billionaire oligarch Bloomberg is pouring into promoting the “gun control’ agenda or how the ultimate aim is to ban firearms ownership and repeal the Second Amendment.

If only? If? If? If?

Maybe the problem is societal? Isn’t that one answer people give when speaking about crime rates?  Maybe he was on some substance that caused him to go insane?  Maybe it is just something that has always happened and the large number of people coupled with today’s technology just makes us aware of these sorts of incidents.

I know things like genocide are not new and that one can find examples scattered through out history.  But we’ve become more efficient at so many things and people learn about them the second they log on to the internet instead of having to read about them in the newspapers or even on the evening news.

The two way communication we have with the internet makes it easy to form lynch mobs in the wake of these events and to rush into stupid decisions based on popular opinion.

Mean while life goes on and we will be at the Premier Show at Mesquite Rodeo Conference Center this coming weekend.

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