Vote Democrat, Love Guns? There’s a Group For You, Too.

I know it may come as a shock to some but there are Democrats who own guns and support the Second Amendment.  Just as there are women, LGBT people and people of color who own guns and support the Second Amendment.  Just at there are Christian gun owners there are also Jewish ones, Muslims and Atheists too.

The thing we all share in common is our support for the Second Amendment and our owning gun for various reasons.

From The Trace:

Firearm geeks from blue America say they’ve found a home in the Liberal Gun Club.

September 15, 2017

Word had already spread at the Livermore Rod and Gun Club, about 50 miles east of San Francisco, that a group of self-described liberals were at the range.

“A liberal gun club. Isn’t that some kind of oxymoron?” cracked one of the shooters to another as he leaned back on a bench to rest between rounds. “Yeah,” said his friend. “I guess we could use some liberals who don’t hate guns.”

Members of The Liberal Gun Club are used to snarky remarks from other shooters. The club formed in 2009 as a loose community of gun owners who wanted to shoot and talk firearms, but were put off by the rhetoric of gun confiscation and the evils of Democrats that they often encounter at gun stores, shooting ranges, and in gun forums.

“When those people who weren’t fitting the stereotypical role would discuss firearms they’d get lambasted for their views,” says Lara Smith, the organization’s national spokesperson. “The club was started by people who said, ‘Hey, look. There’s this whole other group of people out there who shoot.’”

Jim Ridgeway served in the Navy for 23 years and now works in aircraft maintenance for a utility company. He’s held concealed-carry permits in multiple states and owns a wide array of firearms. He favors rather strict restrictions, including background checks for all gun sales. He says the NRA and allies are too cavalier about the dangers of so many people having weapons.

“I don’t feel like the NRA represents me at all, and I don’t feel like they represent their members at all,” he says. “That’s an opinion based on 30 years of observing them.”

Despite the group’s name, politics are mostly absent from its discussion boards. Members instead use the forum to discuss reliability, accuracy, and cost of firearms, and to get advice.

Liberal Gun Club members tend to support universal background checks and other efforts intended to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals. Yet they also feel that many gun laws, especially those that single out specific types of weapons, are ineffective. Some members have concealed-carry permits, and feel that fellow progressives too often don’t recognize that there are legitimate uses of guns for sport and self-defense.

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