I’m Building My First AR From Parts Project

I’ve been saying I was going to do this for well over a year now and I just never got around to doing it.

I’ve swapped uppers, field stripped and cleaned out the bolt carrier.  I’ve watched others do it.  Have been told I could do it and shouldn’t be intimidated as the AR is meant to be easy to assemble and repair.

This last weekend I swapped a Benchmade Barrage for for a Spike’s Tactical “Zombie” receiver and lower parts kit.

Several of the guys we know gave me fist bumps and told me to “Go for it.”  I was also told that I could get help if I got hung up or needed tools we don’t have.

I’m at the point of installing the trigger group and have basically hit a decision point.  Go stock or after market.  I’m thinking: First build serendipitous receiver and parts kit, go stock, get the learning curve out of the way.

I can build a real custom after I’ve built a couple of garden variety American Rifles…  That is what AR stands for? Right.

I’m going light weight, flat top, a stock from our box of parts.

Watched a couple of YouTube videos, opted to follow the directions from PewPew Tactical.

I’m going to need a buffer tube and pistol grip.

I’ll post a picture at that point.

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