Spyderco Suing eBay Over Counterfeits

Counterfeits are a natural result of everyone demanding ever lower prices.  Businesses cannot charge less than they pay wholesale plus their costs of doing business and stay in business.

Not even on Amazon or eBay.  So to meet the demand so many of you place on them for ever lower prices they are forced to sell counterfeits.

Making America Great Again starts with you and is dependent on your actions and how you choose to live.  Bottom feeding destroys businesses and sellers integrity.

From Knife News:  http://knifenews.com/spyderco-suing-ebay-over-counterfeits/

Spyderco has filed a lawsuit against eBay, one of the largest eCommerce retailers in the world. The suit centers around the sale of fake Spyderco knives on eBay.com, and alleges five offenses including trademark infringement.

According to the complaint, filed in the US District Court of Colorado last week, Spyderco has tried to help eBay address the problem of counterfeit knives on the website since early 2009. “Spyderco has sent eBay more than 500 Notices of Claimed Infringement (“NOCI”) by at least 300 individual http://www.ebay.com registered sellers identifying thousands of Fake Spyderco Products.”

Spyderco contends that eBay isn’t taking “the reasonable means” to halt services to sellers of counterfeit Spyderco knives. “eBay continues to allow http://www.ebay.com to be used by thousands of Unauthorized Sellers to advertise Fake Products that display unauthorized Spyderco trademarks that infringe on Spyderco’s Marks.”

The lawsuit alleges that eBay knowingly ignored the complaints of intellectual property infringement. “eBay cannot continue to enjoy the enormous profits derived from the proliferation of Fake Products sold on the eBay website if the unauthorized sellers are excluded from selling their counterfeit goods.” Spyderco says the ongoing presence of counterfeit Spyderco products in eBay listings causes confusion for consumers and damages Spyderco’s reputation.

Continue reading at:  http://knifenews.com/spyderco-suing-ebay-over-counterfeits/

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