Knife Rights’ Texas Knife Law Reform Bill Signed by Governor

It should be added that this law reform doesn’t take effect until September 1.

Among other things it also legalized double edged knives and removes the 5.5 inch restriction.

I will give more on the specifics at a later date.  I think some restrictions still apply that are also shared with restrictions on CHL and carrying in a bar or place of business that derives 51% or more of its income form the sale of alcohol.

Guess I’ll be trying to get some more double edged Ultratechs and maybe Infidels for our table

From Knife News:

June 16, 2017

Earlier in June, we learned that Bowie, Texas’ big Bowie was officially crowned the World’s Largest Bowie Knife by the Guinness Book of World Records. The news carried a hint of irony because it is still illegal to carry a Bowie knife in Texas. But this and other restrictions will disappear on September 1st, 2017, following Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s signing of Knife RightsTexas Knife Law Reform Bill yesterday.

“It’s always been ironic that you couldn’t carry a Bowie in Texas,” says Doug Ritter, Chairman and Executive Director of Knife Rights. With the passing of the new law, the doors are open on what Texans can put in their pocket or on their belt. “There are no more illegal knives in Texas,” says Ritter. The only exception to the new statute is that you can’t bring knives to restricted areas such as schools, hospitals, churches, and bars that make 51% or more of their income from alcohol sales. “Texas is getting closer to being the Texas that everyone thinks it is,” Ritter says.

According to Ritter, the victory in Texas was the culmination of six years’ worth of work, and only possible with the ongoing support from the community. In a final fundraising push for the 2017 Ultimate Steel Spectacular mega-raffle, Knife Rights has added a Tail End Bonus Drawing to sweeten the pot.

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