A new LGBT gun culture?

The only surprising thing here is that it has taken LGBT people so long to realize that they as individuals have to take responsibility for their own safety.  When seconds count the police are minutes away and too often treat crimes of violence against LGBT people less seriously than they treat the same crimes against non-LGBT people.

The Right to keep and Bear Arms for the purposes of self defense is a basic human right.

Out and About in Nashville:  https://www.outandaboutnashville.com/story/new-lgbt-gun-culture/51699#.WRyxqTT_qUn

James Grady
May 3, 2017

Few aspects of United States law have drawn more interest from, or inspired more debate amongst, the American public than the Bill of Rights. Over time and through shifting interpretations by the Courts, the meanings of the rights granted to citizens have shifted, and, in many cases, their scopes have been vastly expanded.

Interpretation of these rights has a direct, and deep, impact on how we live our lives together as citizens: what do we have the right to say, and when and how may we express it, how can we gather to voice our concerns about the government, how free are we to worship, and how can we protect our own interests? These issues are provocative not just because they immediately impact our personal lives but also because their implications are sometimes deadly serious.

And because they are also questions of great philosophical importance, debates about constitutional rights, and in particular about First and Second Amendment rights, are at the center of our modern culture wars. Conventional wisdom divides opinions about gun ownership between those held by conservatives and those held by liberals, with conservatives favoring less gun regulation and finding security in an armed citizenry and with liberals promoting greater gun control and putting the role of community protection more in the hands of the state.

Since LGBT people—because of their oppression at the hands of conservative ideologies and their reliance on the mechanisms of government to secure their own civil rights—overwhelmingly identify as liberal or progressive, the community’s views on guns and gun control have often fallen along traditional liberal lines.

Even many native Southern LGBT, many of whom were exposed to guns as early as they were to bicycles, have a long ambivalent relationship to gun ownership. John Lee, who plays with the Nashville Grizzlies and is an outspoken liberal, writes in his own piece on this topic, about his discomfort with guns. But he also writes about how his views have begun to involve, and he is not alone.

Increasingly, liberals of all stripes and members of the LGBT community are embracing their Second Amendment rights in the name of self-empowerment and self-defense. The movement isn’t new—for instance the national LGBT gun advocacy group, the Pink Pistols has been around for nearly twenty years. But membership is growing, as is interest in groups like the Liberal Gun Club.

What’s happened to fuel this movement? A lot of things, but an increasingly openly hostile environment that has sprung up in the wake of LGBT gains has left many scrambling to find ways to protect themselves and their loved ones. Two high-profile events in the last year were named by Lee and others as motivating factors: the Pulse Night Club shooting and the anti-LGBT rhetoric and violence surrounding Trump’s rise to power. These events have shaken the community, leaving many feeling like they are in the enemy’s sights.

Continue reading at:  https://www.outandaboutnashville.com/story/new-lgbt-gun-culture/51699#.WRyxqTT_qUn


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