Change Coming for the NRA? (The End of the LaPierre Era)

I tend to believe the right to keep and bear arms for purposes of self defense should be both a universal right and the infringement of that right should be a universal concern.

At nearly 70 I remember when there were Democrats in office who supported gun rights and how Reagan signed the first serious restrictions on the RKBA in California.

RKBA isn’t just about hunting.  Hunting is one aspect and like those who fish, those who hunt need to be concerned about both the environment and access to land to huntor fish upon.

RKBA isn’t about sport shooting yet too many laws infringe upon the firearms used in various competitions

RKBA isn’t exclusively about being white, male, Christian, straight or conservative.  As alien as it may sound in gun forums one can be a person of color, a liberal, a woman, an LGBT person, a Jew, Muslim, Atheist and still support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

We work Gun Shows in D/FW.  We are two old women, who like knives and guns.  (We also have tons of fishing gear too but that’s another story.)  We support women in sports.  We also urge people who are not generally considered part of the gun owning demographics to consider exercising their rights to keep and bear arms for their own protection, particularly when they are either part of a group targeted with physical violence or women living alone.

We watched the panic buying during the Obama years and also see the quieter panic buying on the part of liberals who have suddenly decided it might be prudent to exercise their rights to keep and bear arms.

Maybe it is time for the NRA to broaden its appeal to include more people beyond the old, white, conservative guys that it is stereotyped as only catering to.

Maybe it is time for new leadership.

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