Whipp Farms Gun Show in Cleburne This Weekend

This weekend we are doing a Whipp Farms Show out in Cleburne.  Most of the year we do Premier, Lone Star or Dallas Arms Collector’s shows because travel means staying over and our profit margin is thin enough without paying for a motel/hotel room.

When we first started we did quite a few and it was an opportunity to see smaller communities across North Texas.  Once before the big box stores many of these smaller cities and towns had really neat downtowns and their own identities.  You can still sort of see it but now most places you go across not only North Texas but the country are filled with the exact same chains of fast food restaurants and big box stores.

I’m not sure if we did a show at this venue before or not, but if it is the venue I think is is a sort of funky cool place.

The address for the GPS is:

Johnson County Sheriff’s Posse Bldg, 1315 S. Main St. Cleburne Tx. 76031

Show hours are:

Saturday:    9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday:       9:00am-4:00pm

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