Washington Post Declares Victory for Gun Control

Something to think about when you automatically go to Amazon while handling a gun show vendors knives and other goods.

When you buy from Amazon instead of supporting your local small business gun show vendor you may get a lower price but you are financing an anti-gun billionaire who owns the Washington Post, which happens to be a major propaganda organ for Gun Control Inc.

From The Truth About Guns:

Robert Farago
November 21, 2016

“Gun control was a central tenet of Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful campaign for president,” the Washington Post’s editorial board opines, “but it would be wrong to interpret the results of the November 8 elections as a slam dunk for those opposed to sensible gun laws.” Wait. What? Did the fact that the states that “turned” for Donald Trump are a pro-gun rights electorate escape their attention? Apparently so.

Three states approved ballot initiatives for strengthened gun-control measures despite stiff opposition from the national gun lobby. In statehouse races across the country, gun-control advocates had some success in helping to oust longtime gun-safety opponents. There should be no illusions about the difficulty that lies ahead in sustaining and furthering reform, but it is encouraging to see these signs of an increasingly robust grass-roots movement.

Speaking of fake news, where in the world did The Post get the idea that the success of Universal Background Check (UBC) initiatives in California, Nevada and Washington reflects a “grass-roots movement”? All three initiatives were heavily, near-as-dammit exclusively funded, organized and promoted by anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy Michael Bloomberg and his well-heeled pals. Who sunk tens of millions of dollars into the efforts.

You want grass roots? firearms coalition.org reports that “As soon as the ground-game for I-594 in Washington was completed, many of the [Bloomberg] paid, “volunteers” from that campaign were transferred to Nevada where some were reported to be paid as much as $5.00 per signature in the initiative petition effort.”

Never mind all that. The ends justify the means. And the end result? The WaPo reckons the 2016 elections were good news for gun grabbers!

Other bright spots: Sen. Patrick Toomey, Pa., showed that Republicans who support gun control can still win reelection while Sen. Kelly Ayotte, N.H., proved that Republicans who oppose gun safety can lose. And in Oregon every elected leader up for election who voted “yes” on the state’s 2015 background-check bill won reelection. Of course, factors other than gun issues played a role in these elections, and the NRA, which spent a record $30 million, had its victories. But even its early and aggressive backing of Donald Trump was offset by the fact that the most aggressively pro-gun-control presidential candidate in history won the popular vote.

You spin me right round baby right round. But then, the WaPo’s delusional take on political support for gun control is a good thing, not a bad thing. It indicates that the Democrats and their media enablers will double-down on “gun reform” — and pay the price for their civilian disarmament agenda. And as they do, they will continue to paint themselves as victims of the evil NRA, and champions of “grass roots gun reform.”

Complete article at:  http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2016/11/robert-farago/washington-post-declares-victory-gun-control/

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