The World’s First All-Female Spec-Ops Unit

From Range 365:

By David Maccar
September 15, 2016

An entire special operations combat unit composed of women? It exists, and they’ve been operating since 2014 as part of Norway’s top spec ops unit the Forsvarets Spesialkommando, or FSK.

According to this story on, the FSK faced a dillema while fighting alongside Delta Force and Navy SEALs in predominantly Muslim countries: they had trouble dealing with local women.

“In Afghanistan, one of our biggest challenges was that we would enter houses and not be able to speak to the women,” said Capt. Ole Vidar Krogsaeter, an officer with the Norwegian Special Operations Forces in the story. “In urban warfare, you have to be able to interact with women as well. Adding female soldiers was an operational need.”

So, Norway created the Jegertroppen, which translates as “Hunter Troop,” the world’s first and only all-female spec-ops unit, the story says.

Since its formation, the Jegertroppen has earned a reputation for its rigorous instruction and low acceptance rates, much like its American spec-ops counterparts.

From the story:

“Its yearlong training program includes a series of grueling challenges, and candidates must complete modules in Arctic survival, counterterrorism, urban warfare, long-range patrols, and airborne operations. According to the Norwegian Special Operations Forces Command, only 13 of the unit’s 317 candidates made it through the Jegertroppen course in 2014 — a 96% attrition rate that is similar to the Forsvarets Spesialkommando’s. 2015 posted similar numbers.”

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