Gun ownership is up in America. So why isn’t the media telling you about it?

From Fox News:

September 08, 2016

Two weeks ago, the PEW Research Center released a survey showing that gun ownership by households is up to 44% — a 7-percentage point increase in the past two years. Another 5% of households won’t reveal whether they own a gun.  Yet, not a single mainstream American media headline has announced the increase.

In fact, the media goes out of its way to find polls claiming that Americans are turning away from guns.  In their War on Guns they want to give the impression that gun owners are a small, fringe group.  Maybe they are hoping that this will have an impact on policy.  As General Social Survey director Tom Smith told me, a large drop in gun ownership would “make it easier for politicians to do the right thing on guns.”

In June, the Washington Post and Time magazine trumpeted a CBS News poll with this headline: “American gun ownership drops to lowest in nearly 40 years” and “The Weird Reason Why Gun Ownership in America Is at Its Lowest Point Since the 1970s.” Last year, an Associated Press headline announced: “Gun ownership in U.S. drops to record low.”  Recent headlines in the New York Times and CNN declared: “Share of Homes With Guns Shows 4-Decade Decline” and “Fewer US gun owners own more guns.”

The Washington Post falsely assured readers, “The downward trend in gun ownership remains consistent across the national polls.”  Bizarrely, if the Washington Post and CNN had relied on their own polls, their headlines would claim that gun ownership has remained constant over the years.  But neither organization has run such headlines.

Only two surveys actually show a drop in gun ownership.  They are by CBS News and the General Social Survey (GSS).  According to the GSS, the percentage of homes with a gun has fallen from approximately 50% in the late 1970s to 32% in 2014.  The CBS poll claimed that ownership had fallen from 51% in 1978 to 36% this year.

But many other surveys have obtained very different results.

  • According to Gallup, household gun ownership has ranged from 51 percent in 1994 to just 34 percent in 1999. In 2014, household gun ownership was at 42 percent – comparable to the 43-45 percent figures during the 1970s.

There was absolutely no news coverage of a 2011 Gallup poll headlined, “Self-Reported Gun Ownership in U.S. Is Highest Since 1993.”

  • The ABC News/Washington Post poll shows an even more stable pattern, with household gun ownership rates of 44-46 percent in 1999.  In 2013, the ownership rate was 43 percent.
  •  A CNN poll from January showed 40% of Americans living in a household that owns a gun. Nine percent of respondents were unwilling to state an opinion, implying that the true ownership rate is greater than 40%.

Furthermore, polling is not the only indicator of gun ownership.  The number of concealed handgun permits has soared from about 2.7 million in 1999 to over 14.5 million in 2016.  The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) shows that the number of gun purchases has exploded, almost doubling from 2008 to 2015.

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