How Bloomberg Censored John Lott

From America’s 1st Freedom:

Shouldn’t journalists who want to tackle the issues related to illegal use of guns in America, and thereby help us find real solutions to violent crime in places like Chicago’s South Side, start by being honest? John Lott thinks so. It is this principled position that caused him to agree, despite his prior experiences, to be interviewed for Katie Couric’s film “Under The Gun.”

As an expert on these issues, he hoped to offer some perspective and balance. Although he says he went into the interview like a person readying himself to be grilled by a prosecutor, even he was surprised at what happened after he left the four-hour-long interview with Couric.

No doubt you’ll recall that Couric’s “Under The Gun” made headlines when it was revealed that an eight-second pause had been edited in to make it seem like members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) were stumped by a question. Thankfully, the gun-rights advocates also recorded the interview. When they released the unedited tape, Couric was shown to be the propagandist and liar she is.

As I wrote here back in June, Lott had wanted to leave the New York City hotel room where Couric, backed by seven staffers, had interviewed him. He wanted to leave because, he said, “She kept asking me the same questions in different ways. It was clear they were trying to get me to say something that could be taken out of context.” However, he didn’t walk out because he didn’t want that on film.

Months later, Lott learned he was cut from the film while live on the radio. Lott was on “The John Cardillo Show” promoting his smashing new book The War on Guns (“smashing” because it bludgeons the anti-gun media and groups with the substantiated facts about guns), when Cardillo said, “I don’t know if you know this … I don’t know if we spoke about this, but my brother knows one of the financiers on the Katie Couric project—he was sort of an ancillary financier who’s actually pro-Second Amendment—and he told me your footage from that documentary was cut after a private between Katie Couric and Michael Bloomberg.”

Lott answered that he hadn’t heard that Bloomberg had been able to censor him again. Cardillo said, “Yes. They were going to run it, and Bloomberg and Couric had a private screening, and after that screening is when your footage was cut.”

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