Most Decorated Female Olympic Shooter Speaks Out for Gun Rights

From Outdoor Hub:


In her own words, five-time Olympic medal winner Kim Rhode said that shooting trap and skeet is as natural as walking. That is the sort of comment that one expects from the most decorated U.S. female shooter in the history of the Olympic games, but in a recent interview with NPR, Rhode made some comments that some may consider controversial. Specifically, she was outspoken about her views regarding gun rights and proposed gun control legislation.

“We have a lot of bills and legislation that are making it very difficult for people to go out and enjoy that sport that I personally love,” she said.

Rhode, who started sport shooting at a young age, worries that children today will no longer have the opportunities she did. She is also keenly aware that a stigma is increasingly attached to the sport she loves, and that translates to the Olympics as well. Rhode said that while other athletes were asked about their training regimes, she was being asked about the mass shooting in Orlando.

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