Top 25 Pocket Knives that are Indispensable: #8 Spyderco Endura

One of my all time favorite Spydercos along with the Delica.  They weigh nothing and at under $100 dollars including sales tax from legitimate vendors they are a real bargain.

They function as an extension of your hand for all sorts of everyday chores from breaking down boxes to cutting up barbecue at restaurant which think a flimsy plastic spork is the ideal tool for eating meat.  They weigh nothing and are perfect for everyday carry.

From Knife News:

July 31, 2016

In June, we took a survey to learn which pocket knives our readers believe should never be discontinued. Respondents were asked to name as many or as few pocket knife models as they wanted, and no brands or blades were off-limits. 404 respondents named a total of 268 models and the average respondent named 4.1 pocket knives. 70 out of 404 respondents said the Endura should never be discontinued.

People who are less familiar with knives sometimes complain that Spyderco folders look ‘weird’ or even ‘ugly’. Maybe it’s because the first Spyderco they ever saw was the Endura. But as anyone with experience will tell you, once you get the Endura in hand and start cutting, it all makes sense. The knife embodies the function over form philosophy that earned Spyderco its reputation.

The Endura may not be the most aesthetically pleasing knife in the collection, but it tends to see more than its fair share of pocket time. With a sizeable 3.75” blade and a sub-4 oz. weight, the Endura makes a great knife for the outdoors, or, if you prefer a larger knife, a great EDC. Spyderco founder, Sal Glesser designed the Endura and invented the iconic SpyderHole cut into its blade. The lockback design is simple, robust, and reliable. Couple this with durable FRN scales over milled-out stainless steel liners and you have a knife that dominates the sub-$100 price category in terms of value.

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