Five Police Officers Murdered in Dallas, Six More Wounded

This morning I tried to explain to a friend visiting us from Europe how we can be both critical of police who violate people’s rights and at the same time grieve for those who died last night.

The reasonable person accepts that making all statements about and stereotyping all of any group of people is wrong. When Police officers abuse their power, they abuse the most sacred ideals of our country as laid out by the Constitution of the United States and they should be made to answer and defend their actions in a court of law.

I loathe and detest lynch mobs and lynch mob “justice”. It doesn’t much matter if the lynch mob is made up of the KKK, rioters in the streets or some lone wolf self appointed vigilante.

People who act in such a manner are an insult to America and its Constitution.  The laws are supposed to protect all people.  The structures of our legal system are supposed to provide a path to justice and support for those seeking it.

In Poland during WW II, partisans, both Christian and Jewish took to the forests where they fought against the Nazi invaders who were murdering both Polish Jews and Christians in numbers that stagger one’s belief in a common shared humanity.

The Nazis responded to the resistance by killing large numbers of people who were not involved with the resistance.

The targeting of Police Officers who had nothing to do with the killings of black people, but who simply share the characteristic of wearing a badge and uniform shares the same mind set as the KKK lynch mobs and the Nazis.

We have had politicians base their campaigns on various get tough programs.  In turn they have passed laws getting tough on all sorts of things.  Most of those get tough measures have eroded our Constitutional rights.  But they have also put the police in the difficult position of having to enforce those draconian measures.

Five dead Dallas Police Officers, Six more wounded.  Damned hard questions with no easy answers and all sorts of people out to exploit those deaths along with the deaths of civilians killed by police.

I have a feeling we won’t find any answers until we stop being driven by ideology that requires us to make the questions and answers fit our predetermined agendas.


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