Support Up For Protecting Gunmakers, But For Hillary…?

From America’s 1st Freedom:

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton seems to be going out of her way lately to prove how out-of-touch she is with everyday Americans. In an early April speech at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, she attempted to paint herself as an everywoman by discussing the financial struggles she experienced after graduating college: “I went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund, making about $14,000 a year, so I couldn’t afford some big [student loan] payment.” We can’t possibly fathom why: What Clinton conveniently neglected to mention that in today’s dollars, her $14,000 starting salary would be around $74,464—far from the reality of most of today’s graduates.

Just two short days later, in another try at proving to Americans that she’s really just one of us, Clinton decided to take the New York City subway. The media made much of the fact that it took four attempts for her to figure out how to get through the turnstile, but we’d posit that, with her entourage and large team of armed security, the jig was up before she entered the gate.

But while her ongoing public gaffes may be good for a chuckle now and again, these disconnects from the beliefs and experiences of the majority of Americans hint at a far more insidious reality, one with which gun owners are already well-acquainted.

In an era in which gun sales routinely shatter records, even in liberal enclaves like California, Clinton is betting all her chips on gun control—an issue that Americans consistently list near the bottom of things they would like to see the government focus on. Speaking of polls, according to Gallup NRA currently enjoys a 58 percent favorability rating (its second-highest since polling began in 1989)—perhaps something Hillary should have considered before pledging to “keep taking on the NRA.”

But perhaps her most egregious misstep to date has been her crusade against the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA).

Signed by President George W. Bush in 2005, after anti-gun groups filed several frivolous lawsuits against American firearms manufacturers in an attempt to implement gun control by bankrupting the industry, the PLCAA was designed to shield manufacturers from liability for acts committed by those who used their products illegally. At the time, Hillary voted against the Act, and despite the firearms industry’s positive impact on the American economy, her opinion of it does not seem to have softened with time.

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