Premier Gun show at Mesquite Big Town Event Center This Weekend

This weekend we will be at our usual spot at Big Town for the Premier Gun Show.

Our favorite show as it is less than 15 minutes from our front door.

This weekend we have a close out corner where we have marked down all the Cold Steel Knives, Ontario, Steel Will to the point where they are covering our cost plus the taxes on them.  There are even a few Kershaws in that sale and who knows what else depending on space. Maybe some other knives.

But that’s not all we have brought in Benchmade and some high end Spydercos. We are planning on more Benchmade. More Zero Tolerance.  More CRKT.

As always we will probably have a couple of revolvers and long guns.

Show Hours are:

Saturday:   9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday:    10:00am-4:00pm

Admission is $8, kids under 12 are FREE, and parking is FREE! Say “CLIP” at the door for $1 off admission.

See y’all there…

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