Total Commitment: GLOCK’s New Female Shooters

From Personal Defense World:

GLOCK helps a new generation of female shooters find the right sport and self-defense tools.

March 11, 2016

Over the years, the firearms industry has seen a large increase in the number of women taking part in exercising their right to bear arms. In fact, women make up the largest percentage of new gun owners and are a contributing factor in the nationwide increase in concealed-carry permits. This relatively new market in the gun world is primed and ready for support and partnerships to help it grow. GLOCK has stepped up to the plate in this capacity by reaching out to female shooting organizations to offer support through education, products, training and resources. There is a growing female presence in the firearms industry, and GLOCK is offering a warm welcome to these shooters.

There are hundreds of female shooting organizations that are looking for support and a go-to resource. GLOCK has answered the call and respectfully offers these groups help and assistance at all levels. Take, for example, the fairly new group called The Well Armed Woman (TWAW), established by Carrie Lightfoot in 2012 to give female shooters a less intimidating place to shoot. With its incredibly fast growth, it founded a chapter program in 2013 and more than doubled its membership in 2014.

Complete Support

Clearly, the increase in female shooters demonstrates a strong desire in women to learn to shoot and to train, and groups like TWAW are doing everything possible to meet that need. GLOCK is an active supporter of TWAW, and its focus on education and safety ties in nicely with what the group strives to do as well. In fact, TWAW received the 2015 GLOCK Safety Ambassador Award for momentous social media, reach and support.

TWAW values its relationship with GLOCK because it is a company that walks the walk. GLOCK does more than offer financial support. It was a top sponsor at TWAW’s National Chapter Leader Conference last year; it provided generous pricing programs; it provided educational support by sending GLOCK representatives to chapters’ monthly meetings; and the company brought GLOCK firearms for the women in attendance to shoot.

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