The “Permitless” Carry Train Has Left The Station

Self Defense is a natural human right, one that is the most basic human right of all.

From America’s 1st Freedom:

If you’re not aware of the movement underway across the United States to deregulate law-abiding Americans’ right of self-defense by rescinding concealed-carry permit requirements for law-abiding gun owners, it’s time you were. To say that the “permitless” concealed-carry train has left the station would be a vast understatement.

Currently seven states require no permit for law-abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms for self-defense. Following the recent override of West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto of a “permitless” concealed-carry measure in that state less than two weeks ago, that number will soon be eight. And such legislation is currently under consideration in five other states.

In Missouri, HB 1468, sponsored by Republican state Rep. Eric Burlison, would allow all law-abiding individuals to carry a concealed firearm anywhere that isn’t expressly prohibited by law. The measure would also recognize their right to legally carry a concealed firearm without having to obtain a permit, allowing law-abiding gun owners the ability to better protect themselves and their loved ones.

Last week, the NRA-backed legislation received a “Do Pass” vote from the House Committee on Emerging Issues. The bill will now go to the House Select Committee on General Laws for further consideration.

NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action is calling on Missouri gun owners to voice their support for the “permitless” concealed-carry legislation currently under consideration in the state legislature. Interested Missourians can contact members of the House Select Committee and ask for their support on this important legislation here.

In Idaho, another NRA-endorsed “permitless” carry measure was heard in the Senate State Affairs Committee just yesterday.

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