Tier 1 Gun Show at Mesquite Rodeo This Weekend

This weekend we are doing the Tier 1 Gun Show at Mesquite Rodeo.

Mesquite Rodeo is where we started back in 2013.

Like the Grateful Dead song, “What a Long Strange Trip it’ Been.”

At first we were selling off every thing we had in the way of guns, ammo and knives.

Then we bought some Damascus knives on eBay and sold those along with some knives we got on Harry Hines.

Then we got some advice from the man who runs Sooner State Knives.  He told us we could carry 6 tables of low quality knives or focus on carrying high quality knives.

We got our Texas Sales Tax number and found legitimate wholesalers and got rid of the low end stuff.

Over the last two years we have built up a solid reputation for selling high quality genuine knives.  We’ve added in a couple of manufacturer recommended wholesale suppliers and may add others as our business grows.

Last weekend at Fort Worth we had a young man, in reality a special petal snowflake slander us by accusing us of selling counterfeit knives.  He did this because we wouldn’t sell to him at a price that left us zero profit margin and because we had the audacity to tell him to stop taking photos of our table.

We are a small business, in a capitalist society we need to make a profit.  We regularly spot check what our knives are going for at Cabelas and Bass Pro along with making sure we are in line with other vendors in the shows.  Our prices usually beat both Bass Pro and Cabelas.  On some items they may well be the lowest in the show on others they are not.

It hurts to have ignorant twits tell lies about us.  How do I know this young man was ignorant?  He told me that the only knives Spyderco makes in China are the Byrd line.  This is wrong.  Spyderco also makes their value line which includes the Tenacious, Ambitious, Persistence, Resilience and a couple of other knives in China.  The Clipitools and Grasshopper among others are also made in China.

We spend a great deal of time researching these matters because our reputations are on the line.

This weekend we have some 35 new knives and have a new wholesale supplier so we are now able to carry Benchmade.

We have a few handguns too…

We are in the front on the aisle just to the left of the entrance.

Show Hours are:

Saturday        9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday         10:00am-4:00pm

See you there

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