Gun rationing proposed in California to limit purchases to 1 per month

I suppose folks could look at it as buy a gun every month… But…  It is still stupid.



A powerful state lawmaker with the strong support of gun control groups has introduced a bill to cap sales of rifles and shotguns in the state to one per month.

The measure, proposed in the state Assembly on Tuesday, would expand California’s current gun rationing on handguns to include all firearms and is billed by supporters as a means to reduce gun trafficking.

“It is mind boggling that a person – no matter their intentions – could purchase as many rifles or shotguns that they want at any given time,” said Assemblymember Miguel Santiago, D-Los Angeles, who currently serves as Majority Whip in that chamber. “This is a common sense solution to gun violence in California.”

Santiago’s legislation, AB 1674, would prohibit more than one sale of any firearm to an individual inside a 30-day period. While the waiting period is currently in effect for handguns bought through a dealer only, the new bill includes language that would broaden its application to include all guns, including those sold through private transactions.

Lawmakers cite a 2007 University of Pennsylvania study that found a quarter of all guns used in crime were originally part of a multi-gun purchase and that experts believe unstable individuals frequently move to stockpile large quantities of weapons for use in mass shootings, as reasons for this latest gun control endeavor in a state that already has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

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1 Response to Gun rationing proposed in California to limit purchases to 1 per month

  1. tinasokol says:

    Let’s start a “Gun Of The Month Club” for those folks who live in Ca. Utter stupidity, thy name is California.

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