Weekend Off This Week

We don’t get weekends off very often and when they happen it is usually around Easter or Mother’s Day.

We had a choice this weekend we could have gone down to Waco for the Premier Show, which would have meant renting a room for two nights and eating out, plus the travel.

At a different time of year we might have been tempted to make the trip, the Kolatches in West make a pleasant stop on the run down the 35, but last time we did a show in Waco in the winter we were hit with an ice storm and it took us seven hours of frightening slip slid travel with cars fish tailing all around us to get home.

We don’t need that…

We also passed on Allen Bowles Show up in Bonham, again the drive up the 78 is a pain when it gets light so late and dark so early.

So we decided to stay home sleep late, eat home cooking and watch the play offs.

See y’all next weekend at the Premier Gun Show at Big Town.

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