Mike Weisser, “The Anti-Gun Guy” is a Racist and an Alleged Deadbeat

I grew up with guns.  Hunting and fishing were major activities in the far northern regions of upstate New York, an area of forever wild wilderness.  It was an area where the battles depicted in “Last of the Mohegans” were fought, a land where Roger’s Rangers battled the French and Indians, where Ethan Allen captured Fort Ticonderoga.

I’ve always believed people of all races have the right to self-defense.  I was a teenager in the 1960 when black people armed themselves against the KKK and formed groups like the Deacons for Self Defense.

Later I studied the Korean Martial arts of Tae kwon Do and Hopkido.  I also became an advocate for women and gay/lesbian people’s right to defend themselves including using any and all weapons including firearms.

I consider the right od armed self defense up there, the equal to having the right of free speech, freedom from warrantless searches and all the other rights enumerated in the Constitution , the Bill of Rights and later amendments.

Lately “Progressives” have been acting as though women, LGBT people and racial/ethnic minorities are some how being conned into supporting the NRA, as well as buying guns and learning how to use them.

The NRA along with other Gun Rights Groups such as The National Association for Gun Rights and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership are real grass roots organizations made up of millions of American Citizens who oppose the undermining of the rights of gun owners as guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Mike Weisser, “The Anti-Gun Guy”is a shill for the Progressive hoplophobic gun grabbers who want to end our gun rights. The Cool-Aid chuggers who think The Huffington Post is something reliable instead of the “progressive” version of an on-line super market tabloid with a history of conning people into writing for them for free, think Mike Weisser actually is “The Gun Guy”.

The first clue that he isn’t what he claims is that he is anti-gun.  When Joe the Plumber, who isn’t really named Joe and isn’t really a plumber went off on a racist rant the progressives were all over it.  (Rightly so)

If you have truth on your side you shouldn’t need shills hiding behind fake personas to sell your line of thinking.

Recently Mike Weisser attacked an African-American lawyer Colion Noir (nom de guerre he uses for his You Tube videos).

Given how gun control laws have a history of being used to keep guns out of the hands of black people as well as other racial and ethnic minorities, Weisser is skating on thin ice.

Anti-gun folks have been trying to paint gun owners as all being southern white racist men.  Weisser continues along that line of attack in the Huffington Post (see Trying to Reach New Demographics, the NRA Is Outmatched)

I think more women along with minority group people owning guns is a good thing as it gives us the means to defend our lives.  As for the meme about all gun owners being southern and white…  I started this piece by citing growing up in the north country of upstate New York, hundreds of miles from New York City.

But I also lived in California, owned guns while living there and shot at ranges with other gun owners while living there.  In 1982, Tom Bradley, a Democrat ran for Governor.  That same year there was a harsh gun control measure on the ballot.  Bradley supported it, both lost in a landslide.

In November some serious allegations were leveled against Mike Weisser by Ammoland:  Shooting Sports News: Deadbeat Mike Weisser, Ware Gun Shop, Stiffs The Second Amendment

Mike Weisser is about as much of a gun guy as Joe the Plumber is a real plumber.  He is nothing more than a stooge shilling for the anti-gun movement.

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