Five Stupid Things The Media Believes About Guns And Gun Owners

From America’s 1st Freedom:

When it comes to the merits (or de-) of firearm owners and ownership, rarely will you find media screeds better done up as “reports.” In that spirit, we bring you the first Five Stupid Things The Media Believes About Guns And Gun Owners.


To much of the media, an arsenal apparently constitutes owning more than a single firearm. This opinion demonstrates a truly juvenile ignorance about even the grossest differences between firearms, to say nothing of a companion vacuum for the existing laws that govern actual use. (Try, say, duck hunting with your .30-30; see how long you stay out of jail!) Practicality and safety never get a toe in the door against this maelstrom of befuddlement. Consider the minimum complement for teaching firearms safety—a handgun (rimfire revolver), a shotgun (generally a “break type” of single or double barrel) and a rifle (rimfire). Because operating and safety principles for each are distinct, you need an exemplar of each. To round out “type” training and add very limited hunting or basic self-defense, you likely need two more—a semi-auto pistol and a centerfire rifle in .25 or greater caliber.

Keep in mind, there are dozens of 100-percent legitimate shooting tasks left unaddressed by even this “excessive” number (as likely judged by the media), and we’re only up to five firearms. Big-footed by yin and yang, shooters will no doubt pelt us for omissions also, though in the opposite direction: too few. And they’ll be correct.

But the point remains: Such purely numerical counts are the (arguable) pinnacle of ignorance, barring, perhaps …

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