Female Shooters On: Semi-Autos vs. Revolvers

From NRA Family:  http://www.nrafamily.org/articles/2015/12/21/female-shooters-on-semi-autos-vs-revolvers/

It’s the age-old question: Semi-autos or revolvers? The question has been asked and answered by many. The topic has been covered by firearms experts and enthusiasts across the board from the NSSF, to Personal Defense World, to American Rifleman, whose own B. Gil Horman wrote a great article on why you should choose a wheelgun. As a female shooter and shopper, I know that I want the reviews and opinions of a trusted source when researching a purchase as important as the firearm that I’ll use to defend myself or those I love. Many people simply speak to a family member or someone they trust, but for those of us without that luxury, we turn to the Internet—an endless chasm of “experts” spouting off on what you should or shouldn’t purchase.

Rather than listening to the ramblings of every Internet gun-nut or resigning yourself to the first hot-pink pocket pistol your boyfriend bought you, take it from these female experts. The following opinions are from a plethora of well-regarded female shooters and firearm experts in the industry, who have years of experience shooting, teaching or both. And once you’re done reading, you can go ahead and make up your own mind. Safe shooting!

Our Cast:

Julie Golob is an Army veteran, a hunter and a mother, but she is best known to the public for her competitive shooting career, winning women’s titles in seven different action shooting sports. If anyone knows about handguns, it’s this sharp shooter!

Barbara Baird is the publisher and editor of Women’s Outdoor News. She is also a freelance writer for numerous outdoor publications including Shooting Sports USA, Turkey Country, and, of course, NRA Family. Not only is she a great writer, but also has years of shooting (and teaching) experience under her belt as an NRA certified instructor.

Cyndi Flannigan is the VP of Marketing for Walther Firearms. An experienced shooter, Flannigan has been a longstanding board member of Youth Shooting Sports Alliance, Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fun and part of the Paralyzed Veterans of America group. She is also a longstanding NRA Benefactor.

Brenda Soucy, mother and grandmother, is the supervisor of customer service of Ruger Firearms. She has been with Ruger for 20 years, loves to shoot handguns, and enjoys the outdoors.

Now let’s get to the good stuff…

Continue reading at:  http://www.nrafamily.org/articles/2015/12/21/female-shooters-on-semi-autos-vs-revolvers/

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