Gun Laws We Follow and Gun Laws We Ignore

From Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership:

By Rob Morse
December 14, 2015

Ireland, and later India, were once under British rule. At one point in their rebellions, they ignored the outside laws they didn’t like. We are doing that again in the United States. It is hard for me to imagine gun owners breaking the law. Once you’ve been around the gun culture for a while you learn that licensed gun owners are the rule-following type. Many gun owners would like to follow the law all the time, but they can’t. Gun owners are not alone. Neither the lawyers nor the judges who work with firearms law every day can keep up with the 23 thousand gun laws. Breaking our gun laws is more than a matter of ignorance. The very prosecutors charged with enforcing our firearms laws routinely ignore them as well. On second consideration, the government lawyers ignore far more firearms laws than do gun owners. Remember that when you hear a politician say we need more firearms restrictions.

I’ll start with gun owners first.

  • The city council of Cleveland, Ohio imposed gun transfer registration with the police. Cleveland gun owners ignored those laws.. completely.
  • Sunnyvale, California passed a measure outlawing all ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 cartridges. No one turned in their old magazines to the Sunnyvale department of public safety.
  • The Los Angeles city council passes a law similar to the one in Sunnyvale. Look for similar results.
  • Washington State passed a law requiring universal background checks for every firearms transfer. Neither law enforcement nor gun owners knew how to obey the law at first. Now, both the state police and the honest gun owners of Washington simply ignore the law.
  • Oregon passed a similar background check law. Several law enforcement agencies have already said they would not enforce it. Some counties went further and passed resolutions telling their sheriff he must ignore the law.
  • Both Connecticut and New York mandated registration of modern rifles. Only a few percent of gun owners complied with these laws. The state looked at its records and realized that only a few percent of law enforcement officers had registered their personally owned rifles as well.
  • Knife laws are more widely ignored than firearms laws.

Think about that for a minute. Gun owners are rule-followers. They are a bunch of boy scouts and girl scouts. They want to obey the law. We know licensed gun owners are more law abiding than the police! Gun owners obey the law until the law doesn’t make any sense, until the law punishes honest gun owners rather than punishing criminals.

As a gun owner, I almost felt guilty for a second, but then I realized that prosecutors ignore firearms laws hundreds of times a day.

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