Latest Anti-Gunner Tactic: Blame Law-Abiding Gun Owners In Theft

From America’s First Freedom:

by Allan Cors, NRA President
Tuesday, December 1, 2015

“… [M]ost illegal guns are simply legal guns that have been stolen or sold secondhand. Since the supply source for the illegal market is legal owners, imposing greater accountability on legal owners will cut down the flow to the illegal market.”  
—Rebecca Peters

That definition of gun control—from the woman who fanned the fires for the 1996 confiscation and destruction of 700,000 registered shotguns and rifles from law-abiding licensed owners in Australia—is now creeping into the Newspeak of journalists in our nation under the notion of “stolen guns.”

A ranting blogger who deserves to remain anonymous nailed it: “The legal, responsible gun owner is mainly responsible for arming up the gangs of America.” As crazy as this sounds, this new “big lie” is gaining traction in the mainstream media. “Stolen guns” is becoming a guilt trip applied to peaceable gun owners.

Numerous news stories tell the tale:

A Chattanooga Times Free Press piece—“ATF study: Criminals use stolen guns”—claims, “The majority of guns used by inner-city gang members in Chattanooga come from burglaries and car break-ins in surrounding counties.”

Another—“Spike in firearm thefts putting guns in hands of criminals”—from KOMO-TV News in Seattle, reported that “more guns than ever are being stolen from homes, business and vehicles, putting firearms directly in the hands of criminals. And law-enforcement officials say it’s up to gun owners to stop that.”

An Aug. 26, 2015, story from Georgia’s WTOC-TV—“90 percent of violent crimes in Savannah involve stolen guns”—proclaims, “Police say the single greatest contributor to violent crime in Savannah includes everyone that owns a gun. … [w]hen one of those guns gets stolen, chances are it will be used to commit a violent crime somewhere in the city.”

Perhaps the most cogent example of this new theme was “Legal guns fuel criminal gunfire,” published in September in the Raleigh, N.C., News & Observer.

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