Gun Control: California Gun Laws

Last night I commented to Tina that yesterday’s terrorist attack in San Bernadino had something for everyone to latch on to.  Anti-Muslim people could lump all Muslim people in the category of terrorist.  Anti-gun people could blame guns.  Pro self-defense folks could cite it as an example of what happens when we disarm everyone and solely rely on a police force that only responds after a lethal attack has started.

What the anti-gun people will choose to ignore is how many of these terrorist attacks on unarmed people happen in states which have the most draconian anti-gun laws.

Starting in 1968 when Reagan signed a strict gun control measure into law, one that was aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of the Black Panthers, California has lead the nation in the number of measures aimed at “controlling” guns and the possession of guns.

For example it is illegal to have magazines that hold more than ten rounds.  I guess the terrorists didn’t get the memo.

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