Will Adirondack Trout Survive A Warming Climate?

I loved fishing for the little brookies when I was a kid.  Acid rain decimated them by the time I was a teenager.  Cleaning up the air pollution helped bring them back.

I believe we need wild places where kids can wander and catch fish, later learn to hunt.  Life is about more than electronic gizmos and the passive consuming of media.

From The Adirondack Almanack:  http://www.adirondackalmanack.com/2015/11/will-adirondack-trout-survive-a-warming-climate.html

by Mike Lynch
Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sitting beside a small stream in the southwestern Adirondacks, Spencer Bruce clipped a tiny brook-trout fin and placed it in a small container. The fin is one of more than a thousand he has collected in recent years from waters in New York State for a genetic study.

Studying the genetic makeup of fish may provide clues to how resilient a population is to climate change and other environmental problems. In the Adirondack Park, several cold-water species of fish are thought to be at risk from climate change. Besides brook trout, they include lake trout and round whitefish. Other aquatic species, including amphibians and loons, also could be at risk.

A researcher at the New York State Museum, Bruce believes heritage-strain brook trout that have evolved in the Adirondacks for thousands of years are better suited for dealing with a changing climate than certain strains of stocked trout that lack genetic diversity. Heritage trout are believed to have large gene pools that contain traits that helped them survive past environmental challenges, such as droughts and serious fluctuations in temperature.

“Genetic diversity translates to adaptability,” Bruce explained. “That means that populations have a better chance of withstanding invasions from parasites, disease, competing with non-natives, or changing with the environment, such as climate change or warming waters.”

Continue reading at:  http://www.adirondackalmanack.com/2015/11/will-adirondack-trout-survive-a-warming-climate.html

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