Premier Gun Show at Mesquite’s Big Town This Weekend

This weekend we will be at the Premier Gun Show at Big Town, just east of where the 80 connects with the 30.

Big Town is probably our favorite show. We timed it one day when there wasn’t a lot of road work going on and it took us exactly 12 minutes to get from our house to Big Town.

That means we get to sleep in and leave nearly an hour later than we do when the show is over in Fort Worth.

There is lots of parking at Big Town too and it is free to vendors and shoppers alike.

Admission is $8, kids under 12 are FREE! Say “HARVEST” at the door for $1 off admission.

We have a bunch of long guns this week and handguns too.  Along with our usual selection of Kershaws, Spydercos, Cold Steel and CRKT.  We also have some Boker Automatics.

After the show folks can eat at the large selection of Restaurants in near by Town East

Show hours are:

Saturday   9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday    10:00am-4:00pm

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