Erasing The Armed Citizen

From America’s First Freedom:

Gun control supporters and their lapdogs in the media work ceaselessly to create and maintain false narratives about guns and gun ownership in the United States. Most recently, anti-gun advocates have been working overtime to convince the public that firearms are only “rarely” used for self-defense. We know this is false, and we fight them at every turn.

With twisted statistics and junk science, anti-gun zealots continue to push the falsehood of “rare” defensive gun use because they know that for the vast majority of Americans, the right to self-defense is not negotiable. It is a firmly held, core belief that cuts across all demographic groups in all areas of the country. For those arrayed against us, this reality is a major barrier to the ultimate destruction of our Second Amendment-protected freedoms, so they continue to push the falsehood of “rare” defensive gun use to undermine opinion and advance their agenda.

Far from “rare,” self-defensive gun uses occur each and every day in the United States, with armed citizens coming from every age group, religion, race and ethnicity. Self-defense includes men and women, the rich and the poor, and it takes place in every corner of our great nation. In short, armed citizens are as diverse as the country itself, but all share the uniquely American right to self-defense regardless of background or circumstance.

Here are a few of their stories:

Perhaps the most high-profile recent instance of armed self-defense involved former CNN employees Lynne Russell and Chuck de Caro. The married couple were staying at a motel in Albuquerque, N.M., in late June. According to the Albuquerque Journal, as Russell went to retrieve an item from the couple’s vehicle, she was approached by an armed criminal who forced Russell into her motel room. The couple tried to reason with the man. While doing so, Russell was able to assist de Caro in retrieving one of the two pistols the couple, who both have Right-to-Carry permits, kept in the room. Once armed, de Caro fired at their attacker, fatally wounding the criminal. De Caro was struck by the thief’s return fire, but he survived.

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