Unlawful Knife Arrest In New York City Leads to $12,500 Settlement

From The Truth About Knives:  http://www.thetruthaboutknives.com/2015/10/unlawful-knife-arrest-in-new-york-city-leads-to-12500-settlement/

David C. Andersen
October 8, 2015

New York’s Finest are at it again. Stop me when this starts to sound familiar…

  • New York City cops pull over a Hispanic man for being Hispanic.
  • The cops find a common utility knife in the car and claim it is a gravity knife.
  • The man is arrested, booked, and held for 15 hours.
  • The man is forced to appear before court 3 times.
  • The case is finally dismissed.
  • The man sues the city
  • City settles, paying the man $12.5K

I’m beginning to sensepattern here…

Even more troubling in this case is the apparent racial component to this particular event. Tell me again how stop-and-frisk is a good idea?

Here are all the sordid details from KnifeRights.org:

Once again, a particularly unjust gravity knife arrest in New York City has resulted in a big dollar settlement, this time for $12,500. The person arrested, who we will call “John” (Hispanic male whose name is withheld at his request), was, according to John, driving his late-model Audi sedan when officers in an unmarked NYPD car stopped him. He claims he was approached by three plainclothes police officers and despite the fact that John claims that the car was in perfect working order, one of the officers claimed it had a broken taillight.

For no apparent reason, according to John, he was ordered to exit his vehicle and was brought around to the back by one of the officers where he was questioned about where he lived and worked, and how someone like him came to be driving a luxury vehicle. While John was being questioned, one of the officers, without permission or apparent probable cause, according to John, conducted an unauthorized search of the vehicle. Afterwards, John says he was told to puts his hands behind his back because he was under arrest for possession of a gravity knife.

Continue reading at:  http://www.thetruthaboutknives.com/2015/10/unlawful-knife-arrest-in-new-york-city-leads-to-12500-settlement/

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