Lone Star Gun Show at Will Rogers Center in Fort Worth this Weekend

This weekend we will be at the Will Rogers Center in Fort Worth doing a Lone Star Gun Show.

Our table is towards the front and to the left of the entrance from the hall inside the building.

As always we have a variety of guns from the safe and a good selection of every day carry knives from Spyderco, Cold Steel, CRKT and Kershaw.

Lately I have been adding in some more tactical knives.

We recently traded our car for an SUV and are going to try to add more stock.  We are still sorting out what we will be adding.  First off I am looking for some sharpeners that don’t remove half the steel from your knives.  I’ve seen to many fine blades butchered on grinding wheels.  Grinding wheels are more appropriate for shaping a blade.  The secret to having a sharp knife is to not let it get dull and not change the angle of the makers sharpening.  Some of the pocket tools are inexpensive.  Others are not going to be so it will take me a month or so to figure out what I want to sell.  Rest assured any sharpeners I sell will be something I have tried and would consider using myself.

Other than that our hearts go out to the victims of the nut case in Oregon and our hopes for a speedy recovery of Chris Mintz, who heroically tried to stop the shooter and was severely wounded.

We know how every one of these shootings is used by billionaires like Bloomberg and the big money behind Gun Control Inc to try to pass laws restricting our Second Amendment rights and the natural human right of self defense.

It would be goo d to consider joining the NRA or one of the many other organizations working to protect the Second Amendment.

Show hours are:

Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday  10:00am-4:00pm

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