If the Price is too Good to be True, That Great Price You Find On-Line May Well Be for a Counterfeit Product

As much as I would love to carry certain lines of knives such as Buck, Gerber and SOG I cannot do so.  I need to make a certain margin in order to pay for our tables and keep stock on them.  Stores such as Walmart and Academy sell these knives at about what I am able to get them for from legitimate Wholesale Distributors I have been referred to by manufacturers.

They buy in quantity level that may well be larger than those of my Wholesalers.

I have carefully picked the lines of knives I carry and like the companies, often times for different reasons. I personally love knives and always carry one or more knives from the manufacturers whose knives I sell.

We’ve been selling knives for a little over two years now.  I’ll be honest learning how to run a small business and where to find guaranteed legitimate products was tricky in the early days. I got burned by people on line who had excellent reviews and zero ethics when it came to selling counterfeit knives.

I learned my lesson.  While checking them out with manufacturers I was given the names of legitimate wholesalers.

Last night we watched a documentary on counterfeit products and they are more common than even I realized.  They are also sold in places a long way from Harry Hines.

I occasionally spot check Cabelas and BassPro on some of the Kershaw and Spyderco knives I carry. I can’t beat the prices in their flyers because those items are often loss leaders, but I am generally 5-10 dollars cheaper on the knives I comparison shop, particularly since I figure the Texas Sales Tax which I have to pay quarterly into my marked price.

I let people handle the products I sell.  Then I watch as they sneakily use their phone to take a photo and comparison shop on line.

Every Gun Show Promoter including Premier and Lone Star Gun Shows ban cameras, video taping and photography using Smart Phones.

This means you are violating the show producers rules as well as looking to get ripped off by someone selling counterfeits bought through Ali Express or Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

Real Kershaws, Spydercos, CRKTs and Cold Steel knives all have low priced models they produce in China.  However once you go north of the $50 mark the knives start being produced in Taiwan, Japan, USA, etc.

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